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If you’re a business owner, you know how challenging it is to keep up to date with all of the tax laws and processes needed to file taxes or keep adequate track of your financial records. You may have even stayed up all night worrying about all the tax rules and regulations. And after it was over, you probably STILL woke up at night and wondered “Wait, was I supposed to write that off as a deductible? Will the IRS audit me for this?”

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As professional accountants, Desert Dunes can add a lot to your business; we can perform audits, handle payroll, and other activities that you may not have the time or resources to manage. Not only can we improve your business life, but we can offer peace of mind knowing that your financial records are handled by highly trained and certified professionals.

The consultants at Desert Dunes Accountants know all the tax rules, and we stay up to date on them. We are able to give you the best tax strategies, customized to your business practices. And we’ll make sure the IRS doesn’t knock on your door because we ensure you stay compliant with current tax laws. 

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The team at Desert Dunes offers the following services to help you and your business:

Accounting Services:

‚ÄčTrying to handle these types of issues on your own can be overwhelming and prevent you from effectively running your business. If you want to grow, sometimes you have to bring in outside help. Our firm only hires the most experienced and certified accountants to work for you.

We are able to provide the services that bring the growth and health for your company that you need. The firm’s expert accountants can give you advice that gives you an edge over your competitors. Our team can be as in-depth or more abbreviated, depending on your needs. Additionally, our tax staff takes the stress out of doing taxes with their years of experience with tax law and practice.

Our firm also assists clients with the following:

Tax Services:

We work hard at earning our customers trust by hiring only the best experts to handle the accounting needs of your business. The reason we have customers that keep coming back is because we measure success by how much YOU succeed as a result of our services.

Call us today, and together we can implement services your business needs to succeed.


What Our Clients Are Saying
Elissa Taylor

Desert Dunes Accounting has been doing my personal and business taxes for years and I highly recommend their services. James is easy to work with and is very capable.

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