Desert Dunes Bookkeeping

If you’re having issues with your business transactions or your staff needs help with keeping your accounts organized, Desert Dunes Bookkeeping can help. We not only offer bookkeeping services to help you keep your accounts in order, but we also offer full training to your staff.

Desert Dunes expert consultants advise your team on how to implement best practices and the software programs needed to run them.  Desert Dunes bookkeeping is also available to answer any questions from you or your team anytime throughout the year. Don’t wait for an audit to get organized.

Give us a call to today to speak to one of our bookkeeping specialists. 702-602-0599

Are you worried about any of the following situations affecting your business?

  • Your books are very out of date and you are overwhelmed with the idea of fixing on your own

  • You have no accounting background and don’t know where to start  

  • You do not know whether or not your books are accurate

  • You’re not sure if your record keeping can withstand a surprise audit 

If you answered yes to any of the above, Desert Dunes Bookkeeping can help you! Our highly trained staff assists with the following services:

  • Professionally prepare and update your books even if it means cleaning up and correcting outdated information. 

  • Consolidate financial statement and receipt you have and help document any transaction for accuracy and consistency. 

  • Confirm all accounts and credit statements are accurate, as well as properly reconciled  and recorded.

  • Recommend the best system for you to track and maintain your financial records 

  • Don’t allow just anyone to handle your financial information. Leave it to the professionals to get results.

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