Desert Dunes Tax Planning

When it comes to paying taxes, the last thing you want to experience is an extra charge on your return or a surprise audit.  Businesses that fail to properly plan before tax season often end up with audits, additional tax burdens, or may even unknowingly engage in transactions that fall out of compliance with current tax laws.

Desert Dunes Tax Planning helps to ensure you pay your taxes with 100% compliance. We study the current tax code and all amendments to these laws, to make sure that you are never surprised at the end of tax season.

Our team doesn’t just look at how to reduce your end-of-year taxes. The benefits you gain begin the moment you hire us, and continues throughout the year.

When filing your taxes, are you able to answer any of the following questions:

  • Do you know the best times to defer your income? 

  • Can you give an itemized list of what is and isn’t considered a tax write-off in your company?

  • How would you go about reducing your estate taxes?

The experts at Desert Dunes Tax Planning know the tax code inside and out, and we want to help your business maximize the benefits through using our tax planning service.

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Here are some of the advantages you’ll gain through our tax planning service:

  • We split up the income between people, so you are taxed in smaller brackets

  • We defer income to the following year, so you won’t be liable based on your fiscal year

  • We keep a list of tax-exempt investments for your use

  • We find you deductions on other expenses you may not realize are tax deductions, such as repairs, replacing office furniture, or building maintenance 

Why Us?​​

  • Experience – All of our tax planning experts have years of experience navigating tax laws and how to get the most out of filing your returns
  • Credentialed – We only hire certified tax planners who pass vigorous background checks and employment verification so you can have peace of mind that only the best professionals have access to your tax information
  • Knowledge – Our team has extensive knowledge of state and federal tax codes to protect and the ability to consult your business to stay in compliance of those laws.

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